Saturday, February 19, 2011


Things to do whilst stranded at Ikea, 1 hour and 45 minutes away from your spare car key:
Take random pictures...
Pretend the displays are your home (I like to put price tags on all my belongings)...
Do yoga...very badly...
Be a creeper and take photos of people you don't know...
or help your sister grow a mustache.


  1. Did you buy anything? That's Ikea's ploy, you know...they have a special team that goes around and pick-pockets keys, then locks them in people's cars so that they have to stay and shop longer.

    I'm glad to see that you had Susannah and your camera with you. Ha! Take THAT, Demon Ikea!

  2. She bought lots of stuff for ME! When I got home from my vacation, I had new drinking glasses, plates, bowls, and a cool dish scrubber thing. She is an amazing ray of SUNSHINE!

  3. hahahaha i remember that time..........ya. :)

  4. I am your little sister by the way.