Monday, March 21, 2011

Shark Reef

That is what happened last week.
Yep. Jealous much? You should be for because I visited my awesome Mulvey relatives. Also my BFF drove down with me and even though we were in the car together for 20+ hours we didn't even try to kill each other! Amazing.
The last day we went to the Shark Reef Aquarium and it was sa-weet! I didn't get very many good photos because the lighting wasn't too great, but I loved the jelly fish and the touch table. Well, I thought the whole thing was amazing. I had never been to an aquarium before. 
I have to tell you though: the "Shipwreck" room really freaked me out. It was incredibly fun to watch the sharks and turtles swim around, but I did not like the feeling of being in a room totally surrounded by water. My stomach got all knotted and I felt a little dizzy. And, despite the fact I was already feeling panicked, I decided to walk over the glass panel that was in the middle of the floor. Not a good choice.
But it was AWESOME!
And here are the few photos that turned out (sort of) okay:

I really wanted that shark hat. But I'm a cheapskate and refused to pay $25 for it :)

(more road trip photos yet to come!)

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