Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taiwan: 001

I was a zombie yesterday due to sleep deprivation, so I don't remember too much except being super excited on the bus, missing jamba juice (but they have bing-sha here which is almost as good :D), and the yellow building on the corner of Ay Gwo St. and that other important street with the grocery shop and tunnel of death.

Anyway, Taiwan is awesome! The people here stare at the pack of white-girl "foreigners" walking around. Like, shamelessly. If you look at them they just keep staring, so all you can really do is smile and wave or say hello, but they like that and I like that they smile back (this place is waaaay better than Salt Lake City in that aspect).

There are really cool bugs here. On the bus I saw a huge black butterfly fly past. This little guy(actually, he wasn't so little) landed on one of the other teacher's jacket while we were waiting for the bus.

Oo! and also there was a gecko on our hallway wall last night. He was named William. But I am lame and didn't take a photo of that so I will just show you one of the super colorful buses they have around here.
Also, they have super cool frilly curtains on the insides of the windows which get a little annoying when you are trying to see what is going on outside.

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  1. Hey, this bus matches your luggage! What a coincidence!