Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kenting and Country Music

This past weekend was moon festival, which I would love to tell you all about. Only not really because I don't know much about it and I spent it celebrating the beach and learning that Taiwan is way cooler than I originally thought. I ate popcorn chicken. Yes people, popcorn chicken. It was like I was halfway home. Even though I don't think I have actually ever eaten popcorn chicken in the U.S. I also received blessings from the sun in the way of a lesson called "Be smart and wear sunscreen or be cooked like a pig at a Hawaiian luau." I am not the smartest all of the time. But I am not the only one who got taught a lesson.

I also got to hang out with some of the most awesome girls out there. I didn't think I could love them more than I already did. I was wrong. Because I do. End. Of. Story.

Oh, and did I mention that I got to speed around on the back of a scooter? I did. And it was FREAKING FANTASTIC.

Other things included in my weekend: new music I love, the most awesome night market I have met yet, a delicious Subway sandwich, lots of laughter, cotton candy, sandals, a three hour train ride without a seat, late night orange juice from 7eleven, a corndog with french fries in the batter, a crazy, but awesome, Canadian hostel owner, and a very awkward/hilarious happening that involved a German, an open bathroom door and a near heart attack.

Here are some pictorial representations of my amazing weekend:

Baisha beach

We had a hard time jumping all at the same time.

LOVE Heather's expression. What is she doing? I have no idea, but I'm glad I captured it :)

Kendra and Kylie

Sara and Jessica...admiring the scenery?
Cute Nica in her cute hat that I want. Only I don't think I could work it like she does.

Heather and Sara are thugs. And they're gonna come after me for posting this photo.

Sara chowing down on her amazing, delicious, magnificent french fry hotdog, and probably wishing I took less pleasure in capturing moments like this.

Terri, the most awesome person ever. She is probably in the top 5 nicest people I know.

Rock. Sharp rock.

Heather is an amazing dancer and I am jealous of her skills.

I would like to point out that there are three whole photos of me in this post, all none too flattering. Be proud of me. Three. Whole. Photos. Really, you need to be proud.



  2. The photos of you are 10 times more flattering than the pictures of me:) Thanks Christina for sharing my very not flattering pictures and all of the beautiful ones as well!