Saturday, April 16, 2011

"It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don't worry. I say that to myself every morning. It all works out in the end. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us. If we will put our trust in Him, if we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers."
Gordon B. Hinckley
I have been a little bit stressed lately. I let myself worry too much even though I realize it is pointless. Even though I know that I can't control everything. I have told myself so many times that it will all work out, that it always works out.  
But I have been wanting something to happen really really badly. And sometimes my resolve to be patient and just trust goes south. I eventually had to sit myself down and say "hey, if this doesn't work out that is okay. It just means there are different good things coming to you that will be much better for you and provide so much more opportunity for growth than this. And if this does happen, then how fantastic! But quit worrying about it so much. You have better things to do with your time and energy. Everything has always worked out before and it will continue to be that way." I felt better after that, but I still had to work really hard for that patience.

Well, I got a call last night and what I was hoping for is going to happen! But now I am a little confused because I don't feel quite as excited about it as I thought I would be. I thought this decision was made, but apparently I've got a tiny bit more thinking to do before I totally commit to it. 

I am such a fickle creature. . . hopefully that will change ;)

On another note, I have been wanting to do this, only cooler, for months. And I think that plan might come to fruition soon.

Have a beautiful day, loved ones!


  1. Thank you for posting that quote by President Hinckley, I really, really need it in my life right now. I also need your words and attitude. Funny how even though we experience things and have proven them to be true, we sometimes still need reminders.

    Christina, I decided that I was going to go on a mission when I was 13. I didn't always make choices that someone preparing to be an LDS missionary should make, and sometimes I doubted my faith, but I always knew I would be going on a mission. The decision was made years before the fruition of it.

    I remember the day I got my mission call in the mail. I was at work, so my mother called me and asked if I would like her to open it and read it to me. Over the telephone I heard that I would be serving in the Wisconsin, Milwaukee Mission, and my first thought was a calm, "Oh yeah, that's right." It felt right, it resonated in my soul, but I didn't get all excited about it like everyone expected me to because it had already been in my soul.

    Don't doubt the decision that you've spent hours and hours thinking and praying about just because you don't feel as excited as you did when you first made that decision.

    I don't know if this is the right thing for you to do or not, but quietly listen to the Spirit, and accept a quiet answer. Maybe the answer is that it's neither right nor wrong. Maybe this is one of those things that you simply have to decide on because either way, you're doing what the Lord wants you to do. Sometimes what matters is what we are doing in our hearts and minds, not where we are and what we're doing in the world.

    No matter what, I love you, dear niece. You are such an incredible person and I am profoundly grateful to have you in my life.

  2. LOL! I just realized that my comment is longer than your post! Sorry about that!

  3. Wow. I love that quote. I'm going to share that with my VBS staff in my next e-mail. I know it's easy to stress but always put your trust in God and second, always focus on the present. the future will take care of yourself! be positive! :)

  4. You are awesome, Christina. And I am so excited for you! I'm sure the prospect of going to Taiwan will get more and more exciting the closer you get to it.