Monday, November 7, 2011

Tile floors are more comfortable than my Taiwan bed

Hello my fine friends! Long time no post, right? I'm sure you have missed me and have been wondering whether I was still alive or if I had finally found a fatal bicycle accident to involve myself in. Wellllll, lucky for you I have spent the last hour and a half trying out every possible sleeping position on my floor and the bed and found none of them fit for use. Therefore, I am here to tell you some fine tales. And maybe share a photo with you.

There definitely hasn't been a lack of events to post on lately. The predicament is that I finally caught onto the pinterest craze and have been sucked into the virtual world of glowstick lanterns and horses with pretty manes. Also, I have started actually completing the to do lists I come up with.  But who cares right?! On toward story number one...

A few weeks ago I hopped on a train with a pretty pack of girls from the place of Berhan and we headed off to Taichung to see the jade market and visit the art museum. From the train station we had to catch a bus. So we figured out what bus we needed to take and lucky us! It rolled up just as we found out! Great! Grand! Good! MAGNIFICENT! We hurriedly made our way toward it. Only too bad for us. Because it turns out everybody loves that bus and wanted some time with it. So the bussy guy told us "No way Jose are you fitting on this bus! Go back to the curb and wait for the next one." At least I assume it was something like that. I can't be sure because I don't actually speak Chinese which is what the words a comin' out of his mouth were in the form of. Anywho, being the obedient girl I am, and not wanting to try to force myself onto a bus full of sweaty, stinky people, I turned around to go back to the curb. And then I got run over. Not a joke. I for reals got run over people! And this was like a month ago! HOW DID I FORGET TO TELL ANYONE THIS!!! Actually, not only did I forget to tell anyone, I completely forgot that it had happened until Rachel alluded to it on the way home from church yesterday. So the best part about this story is really that I somehow forgot that I got run over. But, back to the actual story: a taxi came a rollin' down the street and landed smack dab on my foot. Because he actually stopped whilst the tire was still squarely on my foot bones and cons. And then I sort of just stared at my foot and Sara looked for a second and then was like "It's on your foot...IT'S ON HER FOOT!" And then I looked up at the driver and gave him a really confused look and then back at my foot with the same look. And I tried to pull it out. But it turns out taxis are kind of heavy, so it was pretty stuck. And Sara made that driver move his car. And everybody was a little bit worried and I told them "I'm okay, it was just a car." Which may not seem like a really rational thing, but it's true. Also, did I mention that the bus station was packed and I had a really large, avid audience? Because people stare at us white girls all the time. So I'm pretty sure most of them caught the whole thing. And then they all watched me walk back to the curb. It was great. It probably would have been a whole lot more embarrassing, except I was super tired so I wasn't all there.

The rest of the day was pretty great. We saw a hilariously inappropriate Buddha teapot and a really beautiful art installation. Plus someone, whose name I will omit, fell up the stairs at the museum, which was pretty entertaining. And then we sung in Chinese for a church meeting and had a few different conversations about squirrels. And the effects of koolaid on stomach lining. Also, due to my lack of sleep I became very...happy? Loopy? Energetic? Crazy. And on the way home we encountered a group of teenagers who looked like hooligans and I told Rachel that we could take 'em, and drove home the point by doing a finely executed karate chop. So finely executed, in fact, that it busted the strap of my brand new Taiwanese-y backpack. Which was equally depressing and hilarious at the same time.

And now my friends, it is 12:08 and I must needs try to sleep again. So I am not obliged to give you a photo at this time. Come and see me again on Wednesday and I'll see what I can to for you.


  1. I assume your foot is alright? Did it hurt at all?

    I love your mind and how you express yourself! You are exquisite.

  2. I think I was too tired to realize whether it hurt or not, but I didn't even have a bruise, so it couldn't have been too bad :)