Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Note

First of all, how am I going to say good-bye to faces like this one?

The other day I spent the better part of a Saturday sobbing. I am going to miss these kids so much. There are three days left of teaching and nine until I get on a plane to go home. I have a multitude of mixed feelings over this fact. On the leaving side I am very sad. I don't like good-byes and I certainly don't understand why the word good is in them. I love how willing everyone here is to help and how people actually smile back at me here. Also it is upsetting to know that I will not have celebrity status when I go home :) But, on the coming home side of things, it will be nice to not be stared at all the time, to be able to have complete conversations with strangers, and to not face death every time I set foot outside the school. I am happy to be seeing my families and my friends. And I will not be sleeping on something akin to a box spring! Hooray!

Also, I am going to miss everything being covered in cartoons and such. Everything here is cute! Well, not everything. But all their little nick-knacks and art supplies and bags and, and all that crap that you don't actually need, but want to buy because it's so stinkin' adorable. Plus, the money here is pretty. I will miss the pretty money.

As much as I don't want to leave, I really just want to get it over with. My stuff is packed, my lesson plans are submitted, my last primary lesson is taught, most everything on my to-do list is accomplished and I just want to go!

Okay, i am done with my blabbering.

Peace out my little lemmings (random reference for Heather)

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  1. You are coming back! Oh, that is great! I know so many people missed you! :) Also I can see how that will be sad. I wouldn't want to leave either! Hope you travel safely! Love you!