Monday, July 18, 2011 long have I been here?

20 days!
Holy cows!

Tomorrow I will have been here for three weeks! It sure doesn't feel like it's been that long.

It's the second week of classes, and can I just say something? Well I'm going to because you can't really stop me: teaching is way easier when I am using my own lesson plans! And it probably helps that I am getting used to the kids and the way things work around here. I don't quite love it yet, but I like it a little bit better than last week. I am trying to focus on the good things, so: I love the secretaries here. They are awesome. And really nice. And helpful. And patient. And are giving me a little bit of time to adjust before they start telling me all the things that I'm doing wrong ;p And my writing classes are going really well. There are some kids that I really love having in my classes already and one or two that I am praying really hard to understand. And love. Praying works. I already used that tactic on one of my "kindergarten" kids. Um...we had another child come to kindergarten today so now we have six! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! This is good news. Now we have two groups of three and it is a little bit easier to stretch out the lessons. My "self and world exploration" lesson went swimmingly today. I didn't have to work really, really hard to get them to use the language, they just wanted to, which means it was more fun for all of us and none of them were bored out of their minds. The little girl that doesn't speak very much English yet is starting to pick up on the more important phrases quickly which makes my life (and probably Rachel's too) a whole lot easier. And I suppose I should mention my elementary students too. I really love those kids. They can get a little bit rowdy, but that is to be expected of ten year old kids. They are really cute and just as smart.
Veronica came into my room this afternoon after AK (afternoon kindergarten) and told me that they were paging me downstairs. I thought I might be in trouble or something. I don't know why. As far as I know I haven't done anything to get into trouble never know! I ran down there and got a good surprise instead: a donut! The parents (I think) of one of my elementary students and his little brother had brought a "Mister Donut" for each of their teachers. How nice is that? I feel like I owe them a card or something now....
Anyway, I bit into and it was not what I was expecting. But it was so good! It was kind of chewy and the frosting was strawberry flavored. Delicious!

Okay, going backwards...
Yesterday was Sunday, which means I haven't posted for a whole week! I think.
Here is our church:

I don't know how they did it, but there is actually space for grass and real landscaping around the building, which is pretty much unheard of here, but they did it, and I love it! I get so giddy on Sundays. Yesterday I noticed that I was grinning most of the time we were there and everything seemed extra funny or just made me extra happy.
Dear Lord, thank you for making it possible for me to go to an English speaking branch.
Oh! And the choir of the other branch that meets in our building is singing at stake conference in October. They invited our ward to sing with them. So we're learning "The Iron Rod" in Chinese. Yes, we are that cool. :)
While waiting for the bus home from Taichung I turned around to find another potted plant collection. Only this time they were succulents. I LOVE succulents! They are so neat looking.

And these are some of my lovely roommates waiting at the bus stop (left to right: Rachel, Kylie, Veronica, Sara):

I took the photo and said "Veronica, you look..." She was like "Awesome." I think I was looking for cool and detached, like a celebrity or something. But awesome is probably a better description :)

Saturday night Jessica, Rachel and I went to the orange chicken restaurant again. This time I actually got the orange chicken. It was soooo delicious. They were really busy and didn't have any seating, so we got takeout and came home and ate on the roof. It was totally amazing.
This little boy was so cute. Just chillin'

The restaurant (Rachel in front):

Jessica and Rachel

I'm not sure what day it was, but Rachel and I were at A Mart. There are tons of things here that we have no idea what the flavor is or what the food is at all. Rachel was taking photos on her ipod so that she could send them to her friend to figure out what they were. Here is one of the items we found:

What would you think it was? It was about the shape of a package of ramen noodles and I thought it sort of felt like that, but I was waaay off. We have now been informed that it's dried seaweed. Please tell me what wizards playing go have to do with dried seaweed?
Tonight Heather, Rachel, Jessica, and I were all sitting in our room and I found this photo. I was like "Rachel, you know the seaweed with the wizards on it playing that game? What game are they playing?" Jessica was like, "What are you talking about?!" I think it looks like Dumbledore playing checkers against himself like that Pixar short with the old guy who beats himself at chess. Pixar rocks.

And here is the best part of the post; my roommates are gnomes.

I know that's a lot of photos, but I couldn't choose just two, they all crack me up. I love how Veronica's face is pretty much the same in all of them, hahahahaha :D

A week ago I realized that I hadn't drawn anything since I got here. Not even doodles. So I decided to sketch something really quick. It's not too wonderful, but I  think I need to make it a goal to sketch something daily. I think it will help me feel less stressed because it's a good outlet. And because it just makes me happy. Maybe I will share every once in awhile...

Love you all. Peace out.

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