Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Want More Taipei! (Taipei part 2)

After everyone was done at the temple Saturday we all got back on the bus we had rented just for our branch and went to Taipei 101! Some of us went up to buy tickets to ride up to the observatory (because, just in case you didn't know, Taipei 101 is the second tallest building in the world). Only a few from our group decided to wait in line to go up to the observatory, and I was not one of them. The rest of us had a really good time exploring the mall that took up the bottom five stories of the building though! Okay, so I actually didn't appreciate the mall experience so much, but hanging out with Heather, Kylie, Sara, and Veronica was tons of fun! AND Kylie and I got Cold Stone from the food court. Soooo good. I have never appreciated real ice cream so much. I haven't been much of an ice  cream fan since I first tasted aggie icecream because nothing measures up to it. However, in search of familiar foods I have tasted several different brands of ice cream here and....well, Taiwanese ice cream really sucks. Cold stone was heavenly. I am so glad we decided to get some. I was so focused on consuming its goodness that I didn't take a photo, but we all know what ice cream looks like so its no loss.

This is part of our group.
Jessica Stoker, Veronica, Kendra, Heather, Sara, who you can't really see, Kylie, Jessica, and half of Kaylee

Taipei 101 from the bottom:

Me with my gross, frizzy, air-dried chlorine hair, but next to a really cool and colorful picture of Taipei 101 at night! (thanks for the shirt Susie :) I'll make sure I bring you home another cute shirt to replace it).

A display at Tiffany's. This mall only has really pricey stores, like Prada and Mui Mui, and Fendi. You know all that over priced stuff :) I thought this display would have been really cute...if the note weren't so fake, haha, but the little picture was adorable!

We also found the world's most ridiculous (and possibly most hilarious) mannequin:

LOVE it! They have really funny mannequins over here actually. There are these amazing light-up ones which they like to put lingerie on. Oh! I've also seen a couple maternity ones (as in, light-up maternity mannequins). Wearing maternity lingerie of course. So strange. This place really entertains me. 

Part of the mall:

Outside Taipei 101:

Heather, Kylie, and Sara:

Kylie with Brother and Sister Liston:

The Liston's are awesome. Our branch temple trip consisted of them, the ILP teachers, and President Baclayon. We got on the bus and were like "this is it?" Haha, we do make up almost a third of the branch though. Last night I asked Jenny what the branch does when we're all gone on a trip because we fill half of the branch callings and Jenny is relief society president and Jessica is primary president. Apparently they combine all of their meetings and just hold church for two hours. I thought that was kind of funny.
We met up with the Liston's and President Baclayon at the church building for the Chinese-speaking ward in Feng Yuan to get on the bus. I had assumed that we would be walking, but we ended up riding bikes. I was wearing a pencil skirt. Hmm, let me tell you, that was a real adventure. For one, it was rather hard to get on my bike in the first place, then we had to stop at an intersection and I had a hard time getting going because of my stupid skirt so I lost control of my bike, ran into Jessica's bike, then lost my shoe, which Kaylee accidentally ran over, then had to make a circle in the middle of the intersection to get it back, had a hard time getting my shoe on, had a hard time getting back on my bike and moving, was screaming and laughing the whole time, and then looked over to see a guy at one of the food stalls on the street laughing at me too and realized how comical the whole thing must have been. I'm pretty sure by the time I leave here I will be know as the crazy foreigner girl. Knowing myself well enough I can tell you that this definitely won't be the last time something like that happens. Then  on the way home my tights got caught on the gears. I was like "Aaaaaaaah! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Pedal backwards, pedal backwards, don't fall over, pedal backwards, don't crash into Heather, PEDAL BACKWARDS!" Don't worry, this isn't a posthumous post. I survived. I even managed a perfect dismount when we arrived home. I do now have a gigantic hole in my tights unfortunately. You may go here, to Kendra's blog, to see a photo of me on a bike in a skirt, pre-accident. Don't worry, no adult content ;P

We've been doing "family" dinners together every Sunday, taking turns cooking, and the Liston's set up family home evening for us too. It's awesome. I love these girls. They are beautiful inside and out, and funny to boot. I'm so glad I that I have six months to get to know them.

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