Sunday, July 3, 2011

Taiwan: 004

So, I am supposed to be posting every night about what happened over the day, but last night we got home late and I wanted to get to bed, what with church being in the morning and all.

Yesterday morning (actually, it was like 10 and we'd already been up for about 5 hours) Rachel and I decided we wanted to ride our bikes to Sogo and walk around again. Sogo is a big department store in Fong Yuan where they have oodles and oodles of really cute (and pretty pricey) clothes, shoes, appliances, cosmetics, and other things that you would expect to see in any department store. And it is very nicely air conditioned :D We got there at about 10:30 only to discover it doesn't even open until 11:00! So, rather than sit outside for half and hour we decided to explore the street on foot. We found an awesome store a few blocks away. I might be spending quite a bit of time there. First of all, they had racks and racks of the cutest hair accessories. Most of them probably aren't appropriate for a 22 year old to be wearing though :/ But that is okay! I will tell you why: because they had aisles full of totally awesome office and art supplies! YAY! When we went to check out a little boy ran up to me and said "Hi, how are you today?" I answered him and he looked at me with a blank stare for a few seconds and then just ran away. It was pretty cute. Also, upstairs they had snacks and we found this:

 Jumping candy! Hee, hee :} It's a chocolate bar with Pop Rocks inside. It reminded me of the Mother's oreo cookie things with Pop Rocks in them that I was obsessed with in junior high. Remember those mom? They were sooo cool, and now we've found something almost as cool!

On our way to the store we saw this dog just chillin'. We kind of woke him up from his nap when we took photos. Sorry doggy.
Apparently there are a lot of stray dogs around here. I guess there are packs of them up in the mountains, but they are nice dogs mostly. And they are cute.

Yesterday evening we all caught a bus to Taichung. We were going to the night market, but decided we wanted to eat first. Well, this is where we ended up getting dinner:

Just in case you can't tell what that says, the big print says "Modern Toilet." Yep. we ate at a toilet restaurant. We sat on toilets instead of chairs. Our tables were big pieces of glass on top of tubs and sinks. And the dishes...well, how about you just look at them.

Those last ones are squatter toilets. 
The food was actually really good. I had smoked chicken with cream sauce (second pic). Yum :) But I definitely don't think I'll be eating there ever again. I know, I'm no fun, but I think once is enough in this case for me.


  1. That is HILARIOUS! Who woulda thunk? What made you all want to eat at a place called Modern Toilet? Was it when you peeked through the windows and saw the actual toilets?

    Great photos, Christina! Thanks so much for keeping us all included and up-to-date! I'll try to find some more of the exploding cookies for you for when you get home; you bring home a couple of jumping candies with you!xoxoxoxo

  2. Haha, um...I actually didn't have any desire to eat there, but several of the other girls did, so...:P